Couldn’t have said it better myself

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Ugly? Yes. Unflattering? Even More.

What was once reserved for toddlers now comes in not only adult sizes, but is see-through. Make sense? Of course not. No, this isn’t a new thumbsucking trend, but it does encompass the later part of that habit. Like any onesie, footed pajama, or overall item, these things are best left in a garbage bag, by the door, ready for pick up by the Salvation Army- but even then, it feels cruel to pass this onto anyone. Not even Lady Gaga could make this look cool, not even if she wanted, not even if she had superpowers.

Keith Fink is a Punk


Dov Charney may the victim of blackmail



Companies can no longer pretend to be modern and simultaneously entertain an environment full of inappropriate behavior. The fashion industry is no exception, no matter what they claim to be selling (clothes, lifestyle, etc.) they still need to be decent to their fellow employees.

Ultimately, this blog is about respect. It’s about how people treat one another. Workers at AA and other companies deserve to be treated with courtesy. Dignity and professionalism breeds respect. When a work environment is both professional and accountable more work is accomplished, thus making the employees more productive, and in turn the company more successful.

Dov Charney may continue to be  a successful businessman but he will never be a respected businessman if he continues to harass female employees.

“Being brilliant is no great feat if you respect nothing” -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe



Jonny Makeup, heiress to AA, is still trying to be famous. His myspace features two of his R&B, Pop, and Soul tracks including the song blacklisted featuring lyrics like :

When it comes to boys I get so twisted, you don’t know me you’re blacklisted,

tell me was it worth it in the end, you were supposed to be my best friend…

Did he pleasure you like orally? Are you feeling really good like morally? You think you are so cute with your arm candy, but you’re a little ghetto like Kimora Lee.

The lyrics are pretty awful, but I don’t hate it as much as his other song ‘I seen Beyonce at burger king’. Doubtful that the heiress has a future in the music industry. It will be interesting to see what his role in American Apparel is in the future, and if he can achieve his desired Paris Hilton-like fame.

Jonny Makeup

Jonny Makeup

American Apparel defends itself against ‘baseless’ lawsuit

Issuing a press release countering Roberto Hernandez, a former accountant for the retailer, AA claims the lawsuit is ‘frivolous’. Hernandez sued AA claiming wrongful termination. Hernandez was terminated on Nov. 9, 2006, after what he claims was because of his refusal to inflate figures on the company’s balance sheet. Allegedly Dov Charney was pressuring Hernandez to manipulate figures.

American Apparel’s press release denies all allegations and vows to defend itself in court; AA is confident that the allegations will be dismissed. Press Release.

AA has been criticized for it’s attempt to create a “materially misleading” press release claiming victory in an arbitration case, after already settling with the client for $1.3 million dollars. Hernandez could have a case, yet California’s laws on wrongful termination make it very easy for employees and lawyers to cash in on wrongful termination lawsuits. Sometimes it seems the rights of the employee outweigh the rights of the employers in such circumstances.

It is important that what’s right is decided but our justice system is not foolproof and I think in the context of this blog it is neccessary to remember that frivilous lawsuits happen far too often. Abusing the system discourages employers when they are sued unjustly, just as displeased employees that don’t receive justice feel helpless and give up.



Originally, the change agent for this blog was cited as Eric Watson of Endeavor Acquisition Corp. However Endeavor Acquisition Corp. was a shell company created by investors to offer up capital and acquire a private concern. Once American Apparel was finished going public Endeavor Acquisition Corp. was no long necessary, this is why I am now addressing the company’s board of directors, including the Chairman of the Board Dov Charney.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage a contemporary respectful work environment by raising awareness of the practices at AA. This blog relies on AA’s success, newsworthiness, and controversies to serve as an example of a modern company struggling with old-fashioned issues.